Osteotome Bone Pusher with Stopper Bayonet#2.6mm

Osteotome Bone Pusher with stopper
Bayonet #2.6mm

Product Description

    Implants should only be insterted if the supporting bone is strong enough to provide sufficient hold. If the bone volume is too low, there is a risk of the implant projecting into the maxillary sinus after inserttion.
    The ” SINUS LIFT” augmentation method allows you to increase the thickness of the bone layer of the sinal floor by elevating the mucosa of the maxillary sinus.

    Gravity-fed sterilizers: Autoclave in sterilization pouch for 30 minutes at 121° C (250° F).
    Devices are to be used immediately after steriliztion.

  • NOTE
    The validated procedures require the use of FDA-cleared sterilization trays, wraps, biological indicators, chemical indicators, and other sterilization accessories labeled for the sterilization cycle recommended.
    The healthcare facility should monitor the sterilizer for the facility according to an FDA-recognized sterility assurance standard.


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